"To see what is right and not to do it is cowardice." -- Confucius

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Warrior of the Rainbow

March 13, 1927 to November 12, 2010
Warrior of the Rainbow
Though we travel separate paths, our journeys and our vision are one. As we, your friends and loved ones, go forth into the world to continue your battle with the forces of evil and injustice we will always remember your essence and the native American legend that says: the world will be ruled for 5000 years by evil and then for 5000 years by good; and the time for that change is coming when all the Warriors of the different colors of the Rainbow unite to make the change. We remember that…
The rainbow is a sign from Him/Her who is in all things. It is a sign of the Union of all peoples, like one big family. Go to the mountaintop, child of my flesh, and learn to be a Warrior of the Rainbow.
Like the kind native Americans of old who gave work to all and kept care of the poor, the sick and the weak, so the Warriors of the Rainbow shall work to build a new world in which everyone who can work shall work. None shall starve or be hurt due to the coldness and forgetfulness of men. No child shall be without love and protection and no old person without help and good companionship in his declining years.
Even as the wise chiefs are chose, not by political parties, not by loud talk and boasting, not by calling other people names, but by demonstrating always their quiet love and wisdom in council and their courage in making decisions and working for the good of all. So shall the Warriors of the Rainbow teach that in the governments of counsel, they shall seek truth and harmony with hearts full of wisdom and prefer their siblings to themselves.
Great are the tasks ahead, terrifying are the mountains of ignorance, and hate and prejudice, but the Warriors of the Rainbow shall rise as on the wings of the eagle to surmount all difficulties. They will be happy to find that there are new millions of people all over the earth ready and eager to rise and join them in conquering all barriers that bar the way to a new and glorious world.
We have had enough now of talk. Let there be deeds!
May God grant you Peace and continue to light your path.
Just another Rainbow Warrior…..
Los Angeles
21 November 2010

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