"To see what is right and not to do it is cowardice." -- Confucius

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sasha Hohri

Seasons for Pa

Spring - New, Bright, Sparks

Long walks
The Museum of Science & Industry
Beach on Lake Michigan

Go Player
Bears Fan

Symbolic Logic
Car Parts - SH Arnold's

Conducting Bach on LP
Singing Loudly

Reading Scientific American
Doing jigsaw puzzles

Morris Minor
Mini Cooper

Dick Gregory
Stand Frieberg
Tom Lehrer

holding forth
great laughs

Church activism and leadership Christian Fellowship Church
Lay leader, Rock River Conference United Methodist Church

Christmas in Japan

Soldier Field - Stokley Carmichael - Martin Luther King Jr.
Milwaukee Wisconsin - Go Go Groppee
Civil Rights Inspiration
Liberation Chapter - Chicago JACL

caps and bowties
holding forth
great laughs

Summer - Blooming Partnerships

Congressman Mike Lowry
Courts not Congress

Accuracy of detail
Rule of Law - The Constitution

Michi Weglyn
Aiko Hertzig-Yoshinaga

Not mean or personal
Rather persistent and vocal

National Council for Japanese American Redress
Class Action Suit - main named plaintiff
To the Supreme Court

"What is the difference between banishment and killing?" - Justice Thurgood Marshall

The Epistolarian
Repairing America
Manzanar Rites
Rambler's Nemesis
Resistance: Challenging America's Wartime Internment of Japanese Americans

Up at 5:30 in bed at 8
Going to work everyday

caps and bowties
holding forth
great laughs

Autumn - Letting Go


holding forth

surrounded by beauty, love and kindness
surrounded by beauty, love and kindness

Yuriko, Sylvia and Ed

breathing out and out
breathing out and out

into the unknown mystery of winter

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