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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Takamichi "Taka" Go

Translator of William Hohri's books into Japanese.

Dear Mrs. Hohri,

I would like to send you my great appreciation for your husband, Mr.
William Minoru Hohri.  It was a year after my internship at Manzanar
National Historic Site.  I started reading different books on
Japanese-American history.  One of them was "Repairing America: An
Account of the Movement for Japanese American Redress." Then, I began
reading "Manzanar Rites."  Both books were written by him.  I was also
impressed with the National Council for Japanese-American Redress,
which he led for years and years.  I always feel thankful for him.  He
not only did a lot of important things for Japanese-American
communities through the nation, he also "paved" a road to study the
history of Japanese-Americans for me.  I will never forget what he has
done for Japanese-Americans.  And again, I would like to send Mr.
William Minoru Hohri a great appreciation for many things that he did
in his entire life.

Thank you very much, Ariga to Gozai masu,

Takamichi "Taka" Go

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